Mapped network drives

Just set up Sonicwall VPN appliances (TZ100's) to VPN from one office to another.
The connection is up and I can do Remote Desktop to wotkstations and Company Server
However, I cannot get to any mapped network resources using their NetBIOS names.
I don't think this should require wins because it worked fine when using the Sonicwall software global VPN client.
I did verify that NetBIOS was turned on for both TZ100's for the VPN device/configuration.
Any thoughts on this appreciated.

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  1. Are the shares on the server? That is, TCP & DNS are working for that server, just not windows shares?
  2. Yes! since resolved the issue. The problem is the Sonicwall does not have a way of resolving the Windows share names UNC's to the corresponding local IP's.
    I ended up remapping the shares using the local IP's.
    Kind of a pain since I had to do this on 14 workstations and 2 shares each.
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