Best cpu besides Intel i7 980x?

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Im building a new main computer. right now i am running a intel core 2 duo e6400 and 2gb memory. Im looking to get the best processor for aroung $200-$250. I was thinking the Intel core I5 750 and over clocking, but i just seen the amd phenom 2 x6 1055t . Would it be best to get the I5 and over clock it or buy the amd 1055t and over clock it.

This computer wont be used for gaming at all, thats what i have an xbox for :D . this comp will be more of a multitasking,video editing, hd movie watching computer.

I will run an Asus board, best motherboards IMO, and at least 8GB memory with at least a 2TB hard drive

This is going to be my main comp, so i want the best

This is my first real big computer build and i am 13, so ii cant aford a cpu thats more expensive

whats your opinion?
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    Sounds to me like you could benefit from the extra two cores the phenom II has to offer. I would get the 1055t and overclock it. Just remember though that the i5 overclocked will be more powerful per core so make your decision after you decide how much you can really use those two extra cores.
    Just a random array of benchmarks:

    I compared those two so you could see them at the same clockspeed. I've read about the 1055t being overclocked to 4-4.2GHz and the core i5 to 4+ to 4.3 or something. So this is a more accurate comparison of the two if you will overclock.

    So if you can use the cores depends on
    a. what programs you use
    b. how much you run at the same time (giggity)

    Hope that helped.
  2. if you overclock the Phenom II to 4.1+Ghz, then you should get it instead of the i5

    go to to get the best cooler to help you overclock
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