Does an SSD help improve photouploads to online storage finish faster

Curious because i know someone who uploads pictures for a photography business and sometimes the uploads takes hours. I understand bandwidth is the main thing, but i'm curious about an ssd. will my uploads be a lot faster?
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  1. In short, it will not. Of course, if you already have a very fast connection (say 1 Gb/s) you would in fact be limited by your hard drive, in which case it would make sense to buy an SSD.
  2. It would help, but not much. The limit is most likely the network. I say tell them to get a faster internet connection. I run 15MB fiber, which is the fastest I can get here and the slowest I would recommend getting.
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    Its all about your upload speed. Not only how fast your upload speed is rated at by your ISP but how fast the server you are uploading to will allow.

    Even if you had 100mb/s upload speed to the net that translates to about 12MB/s (the difference between bits any bytes) for which any newer harddrive could easily exceed. Newer 7200rpm drives can do a 100MB/s + transfer rates for what its worth. Newer SSDs do 400+ MB/s
  4. gotcha, thanks for the info! saved me some moolah
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