Which graphics card should i get?

Should i get this one?




The GTX-470 after the $30 off coupon and $30 dollar rebate and in the bundle saves me another $75 and in the end the GTX-470 is only $10 more plus it comes with a better motherboard!

The reason I feel sketchy about the GTX-460 is because there are a lot of bad reviews and reviews saying there are heat problems...
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  1. Its a no brainer, GTX470 is a better card, the GTX460 runs alot cooler but it you have a half decent case then the GTX470's heat output shouldn't be a problem.

    For $10 more go for the 470.
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    Seems good to me, Just try and keep the cables neat and tidy, If you do find that the temps are a little high for your liking you could create a fan profile for the GTX470 using a program like MSI Afterburner, Apparently its a good way to reduce the GTX470's temps under load.
    The heatsink and PSU seem good aswell.
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