Radeon 5850 with 8800GT for Physx

Hey guys, I'm sure this question gets asked a million times a week, but my google-fu seems to be failing me. I recently came into a spare 8800gt, so I decided to throw it in my rig, really just to see what the vantage scores go up to :) But I'm also using it to connect my plasma so I don't have to plug/unplug hdmi's everytime I want to watch youtube on the bigscreen since I'm using dual monitors on the 5850(no displayport).

Anyways, I can't seem to enable Physx. I have downloaded the mod(can't remember the exact name and I'm at work) but to no avail. I've tried a few driver versions, but still can't enable Physx. Anybody have this setup and know what to tell me, or point me to a good guide? Everything I find seems to be from last year.

I think my sig is gone, I haven't posted here in awhile...but rig is i7-920, Win 7 ultimate, 5850, 6gigs ram, corsair tx750. Don't think anything else is relevant, but I've been wrong before:)
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  1. Its a driver problem(deliberately created by NVIDIA), you cannot enable PhysX on a NVIDIA card when you have an ATi card.
  2. Right, I know it's a driver problem...there are mods out there that allow you to enable it. Which was pretty much my question, which mod to use and which drivers:)

    And dipankar, you are probably right, no...definitely right, it's more trouble than it's worth:) But if that ever stopped me before I'd never overclock or tweak or mod or...well you get the idea haha.
  3. before you frustrate yourself with trying to get PhysX working, have you even looked a the list of GPU PhysX games, it's pretty small
  4. Not even gonna play any PhsyX games. Vantage is pretty much the only reason I want to get it enabled. Well...I might play Arkum Asylum, I doubt it but you never know lol.

    I really just need to sit down and figure it out, there has to be a guide out there somewhere. I figured it was a common topic with a simple answer, I haven't been reading the forums for a few months now:-D
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