Bad Alignment SSD (even after fresh OS installation)

Few days ago I received my newly ordered Samsung 840 250GB. Inside my homebuilt PC, I already had a OCZ Agility 3 120GB dual booting Windows 7 and 8 in 2 different partitions.

My plan was to run Windows 8 in Samsung SSD and Windows 7 in OCZ. Without doing too much research, I blindly cloned the windows 8 partition from OCZ to the new Samsung. Then I realized I couldn't boot into the windows 8 in Samsung (yea I know, apparently I need to do a system repair or something?)

Anyway, after the failed attempt, I decided to simply do a fresh install of Windows 8 on the Samsung SSD.

So after the installation, I had my 120GB OCZ running windows 7, and 250GB Samsung running Windows 8. But according to AS SSD my Samsung SSD was having a bad alignment. I then did another fresh install on the SSD again, the way I formatted my SSD was simply using the Format option provided during Windows 8 installation. Still, my Samsung was badly aligned.

I thought since the normal formatting from OS installation doesn't work, I might as well just try something else. So not long ago I did a partition wipe using EaseUS Partition Master.

Right now, I'm having the whole 250GB of my Samsung 840 as unallocated space. My questions are:

1. Before I attempt another Windows 8 installation, what shall I do to the SSD to prevent bad alignment? Shall I use diskpart and do the"Create partition primary align=1024" command or something?

2.After the windows 8 installation, will I automatically get to choose which OS to boot when I turn on my PC?

3. off topic: My motherboard is Asus P8H77-I, since last week my PC started to skip the whole BIOS splash screen and I couldn't enter the BIOS at all! I did try to reset the BIOS using CMOS reset, and yes it did make the splash screen to reappear, but for just ONCE. After that, it won't show up again. The only way I can make it appear right now is by shutting down my PC and turn off power supply for a minute, then turn on my PC. Please advice on this :(
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    I think your partitions are miss-aligned because you are not removing all partitions from the drive and letting windows make new ones. You are just formatting already misaligned partitions.

    You can use gparted. a linux cd/dvd/flash drive to align the partitions. It is a bit time consuming, but does work. Be warned you will most likely have to either use startup repair(windows DVD) after moving a partition OR use your other copy of windows to edit the BCD(easybcd can do this) entries on the one you are aligning.

    You may have some kind of fast boot skipping the splash screen. Almost like the system never fully shutting off. I think Asus did this with some of the netbooks that had to make it boot faster. May have to check the manual to see if it can be switched off.
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