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PARTS NOT REQUIRED: (will list what I have below)







ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: quieter is preferred


Essentially I'm building off this:,2735.html

I already have the hard drive I need (actually it's this:
and the Corsair PSu

So I can upgrade a few parts. Here is what I was thinking, let me know if this will work:

Motherboard Asus P7P55D-E Pro

Processor Intel Core i5-760

CPU Cooler Cooler Master HyperTX 3 (is this the best?)

Memory I would like to upgrade to 8GB, any advice?

Graphics GeForce GTX 460 X2

Hard Drives Intel 80gb SSD

Optical Lite-On iHAS124 OEM

Case Antec Three Hundred (wouldn't mind upgrading this, any thoughts?

Power Corsair CMPSU-650TX 650 W

I currently have a 24 inch LCD monitor and am thinking about buying a second to run dual monitors.
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    I'm going for a $1000 build right now too. Primary gaming. I think I have found a nice balance between price and performance.

    i5 760 proc and a nice Asus mobo that has all the right features and will allow for sli or crossfire in a great combo deal

    Nice Antec case and a highly rated power supply

    MSI Cyclone GTX 460. After a butt-ton of research on the matter I've opted on the 460 for its low price and great performance (especially in SC2 which you pointed out). One will be fine for a while, and if you add another later, and you should, it'll have gone down in price and add a HUGE boost to performance. this card rocks in SLI

    G.Skill ripjaw ram. this'll do you good.

    Cheap, well-received DVD burner

    Cooler Master hyper 212 CPU cooler. Because hot electronics are unhappy. This one is cheap and very highly rated

    And you said you have a HD so i'll leave that out.

    All of this subtotals at about $941 and that's before almost 80 dollars in rebates and promo codes

    Best bang for buck!!!!!
  2. I would recommend you get the Gskill Eco RAM, same speed, same latency, same price. only 1.3V. Your bios will default to 1.5V. The lower voltage ram will run cooler and let you under volt instead of overvolting.

    I have an Antec 900 and a 300 Illusion. I like the looks of the 900, but the dust filter on the 300 is a very nice feature. My next case will be another 300 illusion, 902 or 1200 because the dust filter. I wont get another 900 regardless of how good it looks.

    The Hyper TX3 is a 92mm version of the Hyper 212 plus (120mm). The larger unit will cool better on lower fan speeds thus creating less noise. Get the 120mm cooler.
  3. Great, I will switch to that cooler.

    What do you think of this case?

    I only see the eco ram in 4gb kits. Does anyone have a 2x4gb ram kit recommendation?
  4. For gaming you really only need 4GB. If you want 8 you could just buy two kits, but it's not needed except for photoshop/3D work.
  5. Killjoy000 said:
    Great, I will switch to that cooler.

    What do you think of this case?

    I only see the eco ram in 4gb kits. Does anyone have a 2x4gb ram kit recommendation?

    The case gets good reviews, buts its microATX only so you are limited to a Micro ATX motherboard. You are listing an standard ATX motherboard, which wont fit.

    I recommend you get the 2x2GB kit unless you know some software you are running will use more than that. Unused RAM will not speed your computer up; it will waste power, generate heat and cost you money.
  6. Its always great to start with a system like the SBM $1000 lol.

    Anyhow, I wonder if the mobo you selected does anything for you except cost more? Just a thought :)

    The case you selected is absolutely fine. But let's have a little fun and look at some cases that do things a bit differently. You may find them a waste of time, or they may be of interest:

    The Raven-2 case provides bottom-up cooling, and a neat, orderly exit for cables out the top . . . useful if the case is to be on the floor. You can find comprehensive reviews of builds by googling:

    Another type of case that will work, the Storm Scout has attitude and a handle:

    An elegant, brushed aluminum case from the Lian-Li lineup:
  7. Twoboxer said:
    An elegant, brushed aluminum case from the Lian-Li lineup:

    I'm not sure that case has enough going for it over the Antec 300 Illusion to warrant the price tag difference. Cosmetically they are very similar.
  8. Ok I'm switching to 2gb of ram.

    I like the mobo because a) it has a good deal on newegg right now and b) I plan on upping to SLI.

    I've actually switched to a 460 card in anticipation of SLI in a few months.

    Still looking at cases. Storm Scout looks good. Any other favorites out there? After I decide on a case I will post the system for final rec's and comments.
  9. Leaning towards the Antec 902. A SSD can be mounted in it right? How loud is it?
  10. Unfortunately "how loud is it" is subjective. On my 900 (same fans) I run them all on low and have the CPU right behind my monitor where I can look at the internals whenever I want. The fan noise doesnt bother me, and my old computers seagate hard drive makes more noise than the fans. For me its reasonably quiet.

    You may need a 2.5-3.5 inch mounting bracket to mount an SSD. Not many cases have 2.5 inch bays yet.
  11. Ok here is what I'm thinking now:

    Here are the parts I will be purchasing:

    Intel i5-760 $190

    Asus P7P55D-E Pro $170

    MSI Cyclone GeForce GTX 460 $225 (plus $20 mail-in rebate and free Just Cause 2)

    Corsair XMS2 4GB (2 x 2gb) Ram $95

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU cooler $33

    Cooler Master Storm Scout Case $98

    Windows 7 Home Premium $95

    I already own:
    Intel X25-M 80GB SSD

    Corsair 650 TX PSU

    Dell 2407WFP Monitor

    I plan on getting this now, then in a few months, getting an additional MSI Cyclone GTX 460 and 24 inch monitor.

    Review of motherboard:

    Review of graphics card:

    Review of cooler:

    Review of case:
  12. Killjoy000 said:

    Thats old DDR2 RAM that will not work in a new motherboard.

    2x2GB Gskill Eco DDR3-1600 1.35V cas7 ($98)

    That sabertooth p55 mobo does not have USB3, which I consider a deal-breaker at this point. USB3 seems to be ramping up fast and I think will likely be very useful for linking mp3 players, smart-phones and backup devices to your PC.
  13. I see you've read my suggestions :na: I think they're good ones - I have no biases when it comes to picking parts I read my ass of and went purely on price/performance.

    I think you might want to consider the Antec 300 illusion case. it's a little cheaper, highly rated, has good fans and easily removable dust filters which is a nice feature.
  14. dndhatcher said:
    I'm not sure that case has enough going for it over the Antec 300 Illusion to warrant the price tag difference. Cosmetically they are very similar.
    I can respect that opinion. If you put the two cases side by side, in person, there is a significant difference. However, the brushed aluminum "richness" of the Lian-Li case appeals to some, and is irrelevant and/or unnoticed by others.

    That's why I gave the OP 3 distinctly different "looks". Not because his selection was bad - it would work perfectly well. Just to expose him to what's available.
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