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I just purchased a GTX 470 and was reading a little more into it and a reviewer said that the card requires 38 A on a 12v rail. I don't completely understand this but I read on my PSU box that it only has 25a. If anyone could shed some light on this for me I would feel a lot better. My PSU is a Antec Truepower 750w.
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    Your PSU has 4 x +12V rails, each can deliver up to 25A (depending on how many watts is on the +12V)

    I would guess your PSU would have roughly 700W on the 12V so it could deliver 58.3A (700W/12V=58.3A)

    Your PSU is powerful enough.
  2. Wow I really appreciate the fast response, thanks!
  3. No problem. :)
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  5. I dont feel that best answers should come from others. The OP should choose, if they dont feel that an answer deserves best answer its up to them. If they dont realise they need to pick one then its down to toms for not making it obvious.
    im not having a pop OC its just that personally i feel an ownership of a thread if i start one and would be very upset if someone chose for me.
    Your thoughts are apreciated on this subject.

    Mactronix :)
  6. @ mactronix : I haven't even been here for that long and i agree with you. I understand what your trying to say, they do the same thing on yahoo answers...
  7. Thanks for yout comment in support

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