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The hdd on my laptop started to make weird and loud clicking noises. I'm thinking about replacing it with a low capacity ssd as i only use basic programs like word, excel, chrome(i currently use 40 gigs including Windows). Any advice on a reliable ssd brand that's cheap? Would you buy certain ssd's off ebay?

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  1. In the 60gb range I have the Patrio Pyro and the samsung 830. I really like both but it feels like the 830 is faster. They are in defferent systems (1 amd and 1 intel) making a direct comparison pointless) Theres plenty of room for windows, zonealarm, antivirus, flash, vlc, all the danged updates. I still think I have 30gb left even after a few games and programs installed. If you get a sandforce controller based SSD, be sure to flash the firmware first. My pyro has issue until the last round of firmware. The samsung has never had a firmware updated to it and has had 0 problems.
  2. For $64.99 you can get a 60GB Mushkin Enhanced Chronos SATA III

    However I´d pay extra $45 to go with a 128GB, for $109.99 Crucial M4 SATA III
  3. Crucial M4 64GB or Samsung 830/840 series. I prefer the 830 - great reliability and speed
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