Getting the correct performance with hd 5850?

sup guys!!!!!!! look i just got my hd 5850, and i was wondering if i was getting the right performance for the $300 i paid for it, right now i run just cause 2 at max 8x AA, min FPS 30, average 45-50 and max like 60 at 1680x1050 ress, crysis warhead on enthusiast settings, min 25-30 fps, avg 40 and max 50 no AA, Metro 2033 at maximum dx11 no AA sometimes i get some slowdowns but i suppose that is normal with this game. is this Okay??

This are my specs:

CPU: Intel core 2 duo e7400 OCE'd to 3.4Ghz


PSU: Corsair TX650W

another question guys, i upgraded from a geforce 9800 gt, so i was used to the nvidia control panel, which are the best settings for the Catalyst Control Center 10.7?? right now i have everything at default, but i think i could get better results if i put the right settings.

Thx guys, every comment would be appreciated!!

oh one more strange thing, haha, when i connected my pc to the 55" plasma tv(1920x 1080 ress i think) in my living room I felt like that the games ran more fluid, haha
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  1. At high resolutions, I find 2x AA more than enough.
  2. Quote:
    yes it is normal.Reduce the aa to 4x from 8x u will get better performance in just cause2.

    thx man ill do that at my 1680x1050 ress
  3. Tamz_msc said:
    At high resolutions, I find 2x AA more than enough.

    thx man!!
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