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I just bought an ASUS M4A87TD EVO AM3 and a Phenom II X4 955 to go with it and before shopping for a fan and heat sink thought I better check here with you folks as to your opinions as to what I should get. I've seen several reviews on this mobo regarding a pretty tight squeeze in the area of the first memory slot. Does anyone know if the CM Hyper 212 will fit easily? I really appreciate all your suggestions, folks!
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  1. bloodymoth said:
    Are you doing allot of overclocking with the Phenom X4 955? Just wondering since you are getting an external sink. if you are, then it should fit, its only 120mm. Otherwise, the stock heatsink should be fine?

    Not sure about the overclocking yet... the last PC I built was 5 years ago and things have really changed. I've got alot of reading to do but I do some gaming... TF2 and possibly COD. So, I'll probably be overclocking a bit. I'm still waiting for the CPU to arrive. I'll see how the stock heatsink looks. I'm thinking you're probably right!
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