Low Profile Graphics Card for Max Quality FPSs

So, I recently bought an American Inspiron 580s.
Detailed specs here.
I also bought the Dell monitor IN2010N. It's a cheap, 1600 x 900 monitor.

I play FPSs, more specifically BFBC2 and COD MW2. However, I just recently realized that I was running the game at only 12xx by 7xx. So I increased it to the maximum my monitor could handle, which is 1600 x 900. I then realized that my current graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce G310), couldn't run it at the max. The game became all choppy and my scores deteriorated. That's why I'm looking for a new graphics card.

Unfortunately, my 580s has slim casing. So I'm looking for a good enough low profile graphics card to run high quality FPSs with smooth graphics. I really can't find much... So I'm just looking for a few tips about which graphics card to get and which is the best one to solve my problem.

My budget isn't really the amount of money, just that the graphics card is a good enough one for the price given.

Any help would be appreciated. :)
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  1. Best I can think of that comes to might right off hand, is the GT 220 or GT 240 (slim version). Nothing super impressive, but might do the trick.
  2. sup man, i think you can go for a gtx 460, they are very little, Height 4.376 inches (111 mm)
    Length 8.25 inches (210 mm)

    i have a case that only supports micro atx mobos and i was able to fit a hd 5850 with no problems.
  3. damn, i didnt saw that ur computer was that little, haha, i think you could fit a 9800 gt in that which is better that the gt 240 and the gt 220
  4. 5770 with low profile bracket? try to find one :P
  5. So can a GT 220 and better run the games at maximum graphics? I know the 9800 and the 5770 are better, but are they necessary?
  6. The 5770 will destroy a GT220 or GT240. Keep in mind, the GT220 and GT240 are basically step up models from the GT210 (which is the predecessor of the G310 I think). Anyhow, the low profile GT220/240 are quite a bit smaller than an ATI 5770. Unless you get a specific low profile ATI 5770. Keep in mind, that will draw more power than a lesser card like the GT220/240.

    What you probably should do though, is look up benchmark tests with the GT220/240 and see if you can find some that play Bad Company 2 and see if it even does what you want it to do in the first place.
  7. Get a low profile HD 5770 because the GT 240/220 are not powerful enough to run BF BC2 at that resolution.
  8. There are no low profile GT 240s as far as I know. Also while I believe a low profile Powercolor HD5770 was spotted at a trade show how far it is from market is unknown and it might take a while.
    The best low profile card you can currently buy is this one;
    However it is the older high power version of the 9800GT with a power connector. Your current 250w PSU is not a good choice to run that card so it would need to be replaced.
    This card however was recently announced and is supposed to be "available soon";
    It is about on par with that 9800GT but is DX11 compatible and uses much less power. It should be ok on your current power supply so the best plan may be to just wait until it is available. Perhaps send MSI support an email asking them when it is due.
  9. so a 5670 would work on a 250w power supply?
  10. yup, they consume very less power so they should work, just get a PCIe 2.0 5670 as the PCIe 2.1 cards have issues with older PCIe 1.x slots.
  11. infernox_01 said:
    so a 5670 would work on a 250w power supply?

    On an ordinary 250w I would say it is iffy but Dell uses good power supplies and underrates them so it should be more than fine.
  12. Tamz_msc said:
    yup, they consume very less power so they should work, just get a PCIe 2.0 5670 as the PCIe 2.1 cards have issues with older PCIe 1.x slots.

    The specs page for his computer doesn't say specifically but his system is i5 based so the odds of the PCIE port being 1.x are close to zero.
  13. well I contacted msi now, just waiting for a reply. its on the UK's site product page so that might be a sign its coming soon. the ironic thing is that the 5670's in the UK cost less then the 5570's.
  14. http://www.techspot.com/article/255-battlefield-bad-company2-performance/page4.html

    I think I need at least an HD 5770 to run this game smoothly at max quality. So right now I have many questions.

    1. What kind of PSU do you need to be able to run it?
    2. How can you tell how many watts a PSU has? Or does anybody know how much mine would have?
    3. Are there any specific places to buy a graphics card like this?
    4. In the specifications of the product when looking at it on the website, how can you tell if it is low profile or not?
  15. As I said earlier your power supply is 250w.
    The low profile cards are skinnier, it should be easy to spot. Even with replacing the power supply the best you will be able to do is that 9800GT I linked which while better than the HD5570 is still in the same general performance area. If you want a card that will actually be legitimately good for that resolution there is really nothing you can do besides replacing your case as well as the power supply.
  16. So how much PSU does the 9800GT need?
  17. i think ur psu has a tfx form factor. the most you can get in the uk is a 400w psu but its made by a unreliable company. there are more efficient options for 300w tfx psu's. seasonic and fsp make some of them. ive read that the low profile 9800gt comes with a 2x4pin molex to 6pin pcie adaptor in the box so find a psu that has at least 2 molex cables.

    another option could be the low profile gts250. it does have 10-20% less performance then the normal gts250 but i think its the same situation with the 9800gt. it would be more risky since it uses more power.
  18. Could you explain to me what a tfx form factor is? I'm not sure I quite understand.
  19. I think for your PSU the best you are going to do is a GT 220. It will be much better than what you have, but not great. If you want a decent vid card you will need a better PSU in the 400w range.
  20. The HD5570 is certainly better than the GT 220.
    Also the low profile GTS 250 is downclocked to the point that it is just a more expensive and power hungry version of the 9800GT I already linked.
  21. slimes said:
    Could you explain to me what a tfx form factor is? I'm not sure I quite understand.

    its just how the psu is shaped. tfx is a thin power supply that will look like this in your computer.

  22. So can I run a 9800 GT with only 250w?
  23. No.
    As I said earlier HD5570 or wait for the HD5670.
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