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Is it really worth it?

My problem is that I already know the i7-960 will be way more than enough for gaming and school (basic stuff) but there is the i7-970. These are the prices.

i7-960: $85
i7-970: $215

Yes I know they are cheap as hell. There's nothing wrong with them because they're new. I'm just wondering if I should go for that 970 or should I just save the money and use it on other pc parts?
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  1. Sounds like stolen property being resold especially with those prices.
  2. There's no way that's legit. That's just too cheap.
  3. Please do not assume that it is not legit or they are stolen just because of the prices. I posted on this forum asking for expert help from those who know more than me. These are in fact correct prices and yes like I said they are extremely cheap. No I will not resell them even if they were that cheap. Ill get what I need and then leave it at that. I'm looking forward to helpful replies.
  4. The 970 retails for nearly $900, I wouldn't pass that price up.
  5. Yes I have seen the newegg prices but this price revolves every 6 months for me so its not a big deal. It is a steal. However for gaming and just basic school work am I better off going with the 960 and just use the extra cash towards new parts for my build.
  6. jeffrey90 said:
    It is a steal. .

    Yes it sounds stolen, you are correct
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    As enticing as the price of the hex core is, it sounds to me like you would not be able to use the extra 2 cores for anything useful. I would get the 960 if I were in your shoes. I would save the money. If you plan to keep the computer for a long time though, such as 5 years or more (which I do not advise), it might be better to get the 970.

    An alternative would be to purchase both, then sell the i7 960 for $300. You could easily get that money for it. Then you have a free 970.
  8. Thanks for the info Enzo I'll go with the 960 then.
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  10. hogan773 said:
    Yes it sounds stolen, you are correct

    Steal as in it's so cheap because that's what it is being sold for. I don't know if you're being sarcastic. :D
  11. jeffrey90 said:
    Steal as in it's so cheap because that's what it is being sold for. I don't know if you're being sarcastic. :D

    I was.....but if its a legit CPU for that price, yes it is a steal! Care to share what type of store/source is selling a new CPU for this great price?
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