Display garbled problem!!!!!! HELP

i am facing a vierd problem on my PC

as you can see in the screenshot how the display looks


now this happens when i run the run the windows exp. index test or for that matter any games (the games load fine until the actual in game screens)
when the system restarts this garbled screen is present right from bios screen, and its only after i switch off the psc for half an hour that the display looks normal again

otherwise the systems runs just fine, without any problems

now i have done the following-
reinstalled windows
updated various drivers
changed the dvi cable
plugged in the gpu into other slot on the mobo

my config
amd phenom 955be
asus m4a87td evo
xfx 8600gt 256mb (its a recently rma card but was running fine on my old m2ne!!)
2gb corsair ddr3 value ram
vx 550w corssair psu
windows7 ultimate 64bit

plz help
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  1. It all looked fine till you got to the Nvidia 8600 Gt card.
    About a year or two ago there was a big stink about this chip that was used for laptops, and for desktop add in graphics cards.

    Be the card no doubt about it.
    Its a sign of the GPU overheating on the graphics card, or bad memory.
  2. ^^
    are sure its the gpu??
    coz this same card worked fine on my old m2ne!!
    it runs fine unless i run gpu intensive tasks

    can it be related to ram??
  3. no my mobo m4a87td evo dosent have onboard graphics

    are there any s/w that i can use to stress test the gpu that can run on xp , coz in order to get an rma from dealer i have to show him the problem as it runs fine normally
  4. btw, i was thinking of buying an radeon 5770
    budget in 10k max
    which brand/model is the best??
  5. yup, proud indian
    i have a corsair vx550
    as far as i know xfx's 5770 is a refrence 5770 design+after having 3 rma xfx 8600gt i have to think 10x to go with it again
  6. actually these rma where with my old system(5600+, m2ne and unbranded psu)
    but this card was working fine with the old config

    i recently changed my config to the one mentioned in the first post(only carried forward the 8600gt and the hdd)
  7. but the same card was running games just fine on old setup!!

    plz suggest a good radeon card within 10k

    how are msi and sapphire cards with reference to quality and service in india
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