How to install a graphics card on an emachine t527a

Hello,I have an emachines T527a. I just bought a Geforce 210 graphics card and i have tried to remove the graphics card slot cover,but i cant get it out. It doesnt have a screw or anything.It has metal brackets going up and down the slot cover. Could someone please answer this soon. I'd appreciate it.
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  1. Hm.... Could you take a picture of your machine and show us what it looks like. ( im better when i can actually see what im working on)
  2. Thank you for answering.I appreciate it. I figured that part out. Now the problem is when the graphics card is in the moniter is completely black.
  3. why did you get the geforce 210? i doubt its much better than onboard video to waste your time with it. Make sure your screen is plugged into the graphics card!
  4. Ha, now i feel sort've retarted. The reason why i bought it is because it just so happens to run all the games i like. And the onboard graphics card is a peice of crap although now you've solved my problem.
  5. Well what are the on board graphics?
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