Replace router with LAN Server?

Please help me out on this tho i feel really dumb asking this......

At home, I have 4 Desktop PCs and 5 Laptops 2 phones with WIFI and a "internet CCTV" setup.

I have one modem from my ISP, then Router A, Switch A, Router B. Both routers have WIFI.

These are all working at the moment, but I am starting to feel that this setup is too clumsy.

I have always wanted to setup a server at home, for file sharing and website and whatever reasons. Now I do know how to setup a web server at *ONE* of the computer, so it can host web apps or websites (accessed via WAN IP then port forwarding in Router), but this is not what i am after.

Can I setup a "LAN Server" that monitors the connections just like a router do? I have searched but I cannot seem to find a suitable name for this type of server.

Ideally it should be something like this:

ISP Modem -> Said "LAN Server" -> distribute internet connections to 10 Client PC/Devices

Just like in workplace, you have this typical "expensive server stack" thing that has 20 30 40 LAN ports with a tonn of ethernet cables behind it. All computers connected to it obtain internet connection from it, and can have network drives.

The server than can be configured to schedule access, have rules for internet content, control of bandwidth, or close/open specific ports, or block bit torrent or youtube etc etc etc etc.

It should also have remote administrative login. (SSH?)

I am a bit confused what type of "server" this should be called, and I cant seem to find tutorials online since most tutorials are about hosting website from your PC through a router.

Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. For Windows, I think it would be something like Internet security & acceleration server

    Not sure if there is something comparable in the Linux/free world (although there probably is). The Win product is commercial/paid though - I think it's part of Win Server & thus probably pricey, but it's something to look at. Probably google can show you competitors/alternatives.
  2. More like a layer 3/4 router.

    Linux with some free filtering tools can give you a ton of control. Some tools will even do heuristics on the TCP streams to determine what protocol/app is running.

    internet access based on time could be a simple cron job to change filter rules/etc.

    I'd ask in the Linux forums because this is one of Linux's strong points.
  3. Windows server 2008 will do it and a lot more. I have been playing around with it the past few months.
    you can download a trial from Microsoft
    I believe it will run for 3 months or something like that, then ask to be activated
    it is about 700$ for it at newegg.

    I am a more visual learning person so I have just been using youtube for help in figuring stuff out, and it has worked for me so far
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