AMD 1090T vs AMD 1100t


Im at the point of purchasing a AMD 1090T and i was wondering is is worth waiting for the relese of the new AMD 1100T

Far as in understand there is not much difference that would be significant but i could be wrong

Thank You
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  1. It's just a half multiplier increase over the 1090T, nothing special about it. I wouldn't waste my time waiting for a new higher clocked part that will probably cost more, run about 3% faster at stock speeds, and overclock the same as the 1090.
  2. Thanks for the replyes i guess ill go for the 1090 for the moment. I suppose it won't be a huge price/performance difference after i had a more carefull look. I dont understand why AMD bothers bringing this new one out other than marketing. I guess future test will show whats all about
  3. On the orther hand i was intending to overclock CPU anyway and so maybe more performance can be squised from the 1100 but all that is uncertain at this point
  4. I'd just get the 1090T, I really think there won't be much difference between them except price. Remember the comparisons of the Phenom II X4 955 and 965? It was almost a waste of time. Even today, the Phenom II X4 975's speed can be easily matched with my Phenom II X4 940. I'm still happy with my speeds which is why I haven't bothered overclocking it yet. Once I feel the need, then I'll overclock and after that, I'll upgrade to a Phenom II X6 and the cycle starts again. It's better to get a lower-level black edition CPU because you will be happy with the performance right off the bat no matter what and when you want that extra jump, just OC the thing.
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