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Best video card for my Gaming Build

So I have just finished transplanting my Q9650 into a new case and was wondering what of my 3 video cards would be the best for this particular gaming machine. I have several builds and I can only use one at a time so I am perfectly willing to pull a video card out of a computer I am not using at the moment and install it into the machine I am using.

Machine #1) Intel i5 750 stock speeds, GA-P55A-UD3, 4 GB DDR3 1333 has a GTX 460 SuperClocked (768MB Edition, it looked like it performed better in a good number of benchmarks) installed.
Machine #2) AMD Phenom II 1055T, GA-890GPA-UD3H, 4 GB DDR3 1600 has ATi 5850 Black Edition Installed. (1 GB)
Machine #3) (The machine I am asking for video card advice about) Intel Q9650, ASUS P5Q Deluxe, 8 GB DDR2 1066, Currently using a XFX 4770 video card. (512 MB)

I know the power requirements of all of these video cards and all my my machines have 500W and up PSU's. Machine #1 has a 550W Antec PSU, Machine #2 has a Corsair 650W PSU, Machine #3 has a Thermaltake 500W PSU.

What card should I be running in my Q9650 to get the most performance out of this build? I know my i5/Q9650 are pretty close performance wise. The 6 core is my video editing platform. I will be gaming at 1080P.

I should also mention I have a vanilla 4890 sitting in my closet as well. If that makes a difference in the selection, I don't really know. For some reason I never liked that card so much.
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  1. I would use the HD 5850 with the i5 750 for gaming and use the GTX 460 in the Photo editing system

    Change the PSU from system one to two so the i5 750 with the HD 5850 has room to OC, and put the Q9650 in storage.
  2. I will not be OC'ing the i5. So that solution doesn't really make sense to me. The Q9650 will remain out and being used. Also from what I recall on the benchmarks, the 5850 was beat in more than a few key benchmarks against the GTX 460 as well. I am strongly leaning towards the GTX 460 in my Q9650. As for swapping PSU's, No. I don't want to hassle with having to re-organize cases. It take's too long.
  3. Not sure whare you are getting the benchmarks from but this is a review of a GTX 465 and it still lost in benchmark to the HD 5850

    Anyway IMO the i5 750 HD 5850 is still your best gaming system...
  4. So i5 750 HD 5850

    AMD 4890

    Q9650 GTX 460
  5. Niklas_13 said:
    So i5 750 HD 5850

    AMD 4890

    Q9650 GTX 460

    It seems like we agree that the Q9650 should run the GTX 460. As for the i5 I would probably run the 5850 in it still. And the AMD system might just get the 4770 since it's more just for video editing than gaming, and I want it to run a little more efficiently. I'm trying to sell off the 4890, so if anyone want's it, I do take paypal! :D
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    yeah man i gotta tell ya. the 5850 will beat the 460 sadly. put the gtx 460 in the video editing computer because the gtx 460 is cuda enabled and with the right software like BADABOOM that use cuda technology it will make rendering times cut by at least half. for example: a 1080p video conversion may take 15 hours but when using cuda with badaboom it will only take 3 hours.
  7. GTX460 never really beat the 5850, it equals it at a few benchmarks but loses most of the time. Are you sure you aren't talking about the 5830 because the 460 beats that in everything.

    Plus your 5850 is a overclocked model so it should be 5-10% better then a stock 5850.
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