Buying new video card today need advice

Primarily for Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and Wow.

I currently have a 8800gts 320.

I was going to grab a XFX ati radeon 5770 1gb at bestbuy by price matching compusa -

Is this a good card for that price? How much better is it than my current card? I want to run SC2 on Ultra.

System spec -

e8400 dual core 3.ghz
4gb RAM
750i Sli FTW MB
Corsair 650 wt PSU
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  1. ultra, i doubt.

    i havn't actually played SC2 yet (was waiting for reviews, getting it this weekend now though)

    a GTX460 would be a little more powerful, but i think a 5850 would probably be needed for ultra settings.
  2. Perhaps overclock the e8400, as SC2 likes 2 cores and higher clock speeds.
    What resolution are you playing on, a gtx 460 should be enough to max out at any resolution according to the reviews I have read, of course, most of them were done with an overclocked i7 930.
  3. I have a 460gtx 1gb. I can play SC2 on ultra with about 40 to 60 FPS. I think I get a little more fps in the movies. Fluctuating for 40 to 90 or 100. Avg. about 60.
    I have a intel 2.4ghz dual core processor. 2 gigs ram. Playing in 1900x1080 on a 42 inch LCD tv.
    Haven't played online yet. Still on single player.

    The game doesn't require high end graphics imo. There doesn't even seem to be a huge difference from high to ultra. But I'm not one of those guys that's a graphics whore and can notice all the little details.
  4. A 5770 is more than enough for SC2.
  5. I don't think Best Buy will price match something from an online store.
  6. What is your resolution?
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