help new build cant install WOW

Hello, i just finished a new build amd 955, 460 vid card ,gig MB and a kingston ssd and a sam f3 hd. Everything seems to be working great but when i try to install wow it fails and i get this mesg. uninstall\win32\uninstall.exe any help please
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  1. Are you now running windows 7 and your old computer had windows XP?

    How are you trying to install WoW? Did you download the latest client from the wow website or are you trying to use an old CD?
  2. ye im running wind 7 and its a fresh install i didnt copy my old system to the ssd this is a new build
  3. looks like norton was my troubles shut that down and now i can thanks :bounce:
  4. step 1: remove norton.
    step 2: get a decent anti virus suite
    Step 4: profit.
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    Seeing as you just spent money on the comuter - Microsoft Security Essentials is (believe it or not!!) very good protection, and free.
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