Need some fan expert :D.

I need to change a few 120MM fans.
Im looking for the best silence, then the best performance (air pressure over CFM).

I cant stress enoguht how quiet i want this computer to be, you cant hear it from 3 meters at all already, but i want it even quieter.

My top choices after reading many reviews (Dont forget all are diffrently made so its impossible to be sure whats better):

-Scyhte gentle typhoon 1450RPM/1850RPM (According to PC Custom its the best low noise Fan with good CFM, even through a radiator.)
-Noiseblocker Multiframe S12-S3HS/S12-PS. (seems its dead quiet according to madshrimps and moves good CFM, but dont know the number)

Others i Consider:
-Enermax Magma.
-Tacens Spiro Ice (Highly ranked in some small webpage reviews).

Most of my Fans are thermaltake case fans, and yes they are quiet. But scythe kama bay fans arent. On the other hand i have 1 scythe silent eagle 1000, and its not good at all for me ( its louder than the case fans and it moves a lot less air.)

If anyone knows what is the best option, especially if you had any of those fans (or best more than 1), please give me feedback about it.

And i hope this goes in this forum...
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  1. Consider Sharkoon Silent Eagle if you can... at $16 each they are a little on the expensive side but out and out a high quality fan... and silent too with great CFM to noise ratio...

    The noiseblocker multiframe (model number should be M12 S3HS) is expensive but has advanced bearing technology compared to its other cheaper varieties but you should consider Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPro PL-2 which combines the best of technology and a few $ less than M12... the M12 has flexible screw holes which also dampens any vibrations...

    The scythe's GT are excellent choice for their price...

    Another fan you might want to consider is AeroCool Turbine 2000... nice looks and high number of blades and supposedly silent...
  2. Have you read the quiet fan articles at Silent PC Review? There are quite a few technical articles and reviews. Here is a link:

    What is the intended use of the pc? Gaming, home theater, or something else? If it is not a gaming pc is passive cooling a viable option?
  3. I've just brought these to replace my case fans, good AF, quiet and reasonable price.

    Or UK -

    They arrive today so I'll see if their as quiet as they claim. :D

    I currently use Yate Loons, Silverstone and Thermalrights so I'll be able to compare.
  4. *abully : Silent eagle 1000 i have and it moves less air than my thermaltake case fans (came with case) and its actually louder. Aerocool turbine 2000 creates 2 few air pressure in any case where u got dust filters etc. So not really an option.

    *johnnulucky: I use the computer for everything, but gaming with mild overclocking is the most typical. My temperatures very rearly get anywhere near dangarous levels, thats why i want it quieter.
  5. UPDATE: Just installed an Enermax TB Silence, yes its virtually silent but my CPU temp went up 8C even though the Yate Loon D12SM-12 I had on there is supposed to have less airflow?!?

    UPDATE: The Yate airflow was in CFM and the Enermax was in m3/h so the Enermax has less airflow than the Yate.

    What a doughnut.

    I can tell you they are extremely quiet and the Everest versions push out more air than the TB Silence, they also have an optional LED BUT they do have a heat sensor cable that is absolutely useless. The fan never spins over 500rpm with this on so I cut it off and taped the ends together, now it runs at 1000rpm and is virtually silent.

    You live you learn.
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