Dvi to vga not working to ATI HD 4290

I am trying to connect two monitors using two vga cables. The video card has vga socket which is working fine. I am trying to connect from DVI by using DVI to VGA connnector which is not working. If I connect by using DVI cable its working just fine. So how can I connect my two monitors using two VGA cables? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Also how can I use TWO Monitors for my 4 CPUs each have one DVI and one VGA outputs. Can any one suggest good KVM switch for that set up please? NO budget restrictions. Thanks in advance.
  2. What OS are you using? I assume you are using some version of Windows. If so, install the latest ATI CCC version for your OS and then be sure to designate your primary display and then extend it to the secondary display. Both displays are working, you just need to configure CCC/the drivers.

    Regarding the KVM question,this link at Newegg shows they have 7 KVMs capable of supporting 4 computers and 2 monitors. Scan the reviews and take your pick. Expect to pay at least $200US.

  3. I updated all the drivers for ATI but no luck.
  4. What version of Windows are you using? Also, does CCC detect both monitors?
  5. Windows 2003 SBS and yes CCC detected both monitors.
  6. Are you using the Windows XP driver? Do you have Hydravision installed?

    If both monitors are detected, you are very close. Do you have your primary display selected in Windows (display properties)? And have you extended your desktop to the second display?
  7. Yes I did and extended desktop to the second display. But its not extended.
  8. Are you saying that both Windows and CCC detect both monitors, but only display to one? When you move your mouse to the far left or right of your primary display, does it appear to get lost (as if it extended to the second display area desktop)?
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