32gb Flash drive only has 1gb free? (PS3 related)

So i used a 32gb Pny flash drive to back up my PS3 when i was changing out my HDD to a 500 gb drive.

when i went back to clear out space on my 32gb drive i saw that it had the capacity for 32gb but when i re-formated it, it now only has 1gb free. How do i fix this?


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  1. 1 GB total capacity? or it is showing like 31 GB used and 1GB free?
    What capacity is it showing now in format window?
  2. its showing 1.42 free of 1.46 total. i think the ps3 created a partition on the drive and now i can only access the "whats left" portion of the drive. any ideas? i tried a quick re-format but it only left the 1.4 gb.
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