Windows 7 New build Upgrade? invalid code

I just bought the student version of windows 7, which appears to be the upgrade version. Upon getting to the serial section, code was invalid.

With some reading I keep seeing that I need windows XP/Vista already installed to install the upgrade version of windows 7.

^Will someone confirm this for me really quick?^

The odd part about this is simple, Customized install says in the description to install a fresh copy of windows to hdd.

Can I just install windows XP really fast, then pop back in the windows 7 disc and format/install windows 7 and get a "valid code" this time around.

many thanks.
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  1. well what OS do you have now?
  2. and the code is never invalid, its either a wrong code meaning pirated, or you put it in wrong or your current hardware/software settings are incompatible with the upgrade
  3. no OS installed. brand new everything.

    I put in code, it says invalid. : /

    it was shown to me via web page and email. I'm a student, got this copy through digital river.
  4. oh ok

    in that case you need a preexisting OS, because an upgrade needs code to build off of if there is no OS there is no code to build off of

    so install an OS first then use the upgrade
  5. In case anyone stumbles upon this via google, I did the tons of reading for you and have a VERY easy solution.

    1) DO NOT INPUT A SERIAL INTO WINDOWS 7, delete anything you got there and hit next, your now in windows 7

    2) Goto my computer and run setup from the so called "upgrade disc" and then choose upgrade, install windows again, it will take longer then the first time, an hour or so.

    3) When prompted for the serial, input it, as in the student serial is an "upgrade" serial and not full.

    4) Enjoy windows 7

    note - windows 7 has a grace period with no serial, by doing this your now upgrading from windows 7 to windows 7.

    Enjoy ;P
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