Upgrading cpu and gpu's

Currently I have:

Amd phenom 9950 be @ 2.8 Ghz. (I suck at oc)
A79a-s mobo
4GB ram 800 Mhz (bought 3 years ago, dont know the brand)
2 X shapphire 4850 512 MB ram
700 WATT abs lab tagan bz psu
4 HD'S

I am thinking about upgrading to two 4890s 1GB
Or two 4870s 1 GB

And to a x2 555 or x4 955

I use my pc for gaming @ 1920x1200 res and 4850s are starting to lag
Because of 512 ram

So wich cpu and gpus do you recomend?
Also will my psu run this?
Should i get 1066 ddr2 ram?
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  1. What is your full make and model of your motherboard so we can see what is compatible with current BIOS.

    As for your GPUs, it will be hard to find 4890 & 4870 with them being obsolete so you be better off getting a newer 5850 or wait for the new 6000 series cards to be released.

    Now, your PSU won't handle a dual card setup of any newer GPU's or the older 4870 & 4890. You want at least a 750W from a reliable maker such as Corsair, SeaSonic, Antec or XFX. Tagan aren't the best... My 900W died with in a few months (but doing okay as a refurb though).
  2. Its Foxconn DigitaLife A79A-S,

    I found some 4890s for 160$, I was thinking about 5870 but its like 360$, how does it do against two 4890s? I might just wait till 6000 series like you said.
  3. Here is your supported CPU list... http://www.foxconnsupport.com/cpusupportlist.aspx?type=mb&model=A79A-S&cputype=

    It looks like your best option for an upgrade is the Phenom II X4 955 C2 stepping, not the newer C3 stepping.

    Two 4890's will be pretty close to the performance of w single 5870, however, I would recommend looking at the 5850's.
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