Ageia Physx PCI Card or just buy a Nvidia card?

Is the Ageia Physx PCI card worth it? I'm pretty sure I'm stuck with my ATI card but I was hoping to see some eye candy effects in Batman Arkham with Physx on(especially the Scarecrow parts). I'm not so sure about the cards I'm looking at. Mostly are ranged from 21- 45 USD but the 128MB DRR3 memory on the Ageia cards don't really impress me. Which also tells me it probably won't do to well on games like Batman Arkham Asylum physx. Is this a card I should be buying for games this generation?? How well are these cards?
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    Ageia hasnt existed as its own company in quite a while, their IP was bought up by nVidia and they no longer exist, you are much better off getting a 9800GT and using that as your PhysX card it will be more powerful and will have current driver support.
  2. I see. I'll try to snag a cheap 9800gt if I can find one.
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