Dual Core Processor on ABIT AG8-V motherboad


Is Intel E5500 Pentium Dual Core Processor - 2.80GHz,2MB Cache,800MHz FSB,Socket LGA775
compatible with ABIT AG8-V Motherboard?

What are the other factors I should check before buying a new processor?

*Old Processor*: Pentium 4 3.02 Ghz

PSU: 650W

Thank you in advance for the answers :)
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  1. The answer is no. It's right there in the CPU support from your link:
    "Designed for Intel® 90nm Prescott LGA775 processors with 800/533 MHz FSB"

    My friend has a similar motherboard. It also only supports pentium 4 CPUs (prescott).

    You will need a new motherboard also if you intend to upgrade. If you choose an AM2+ or a newer 775 motherboard, you can reuse your old RAM.
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