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Just put everything together and turn the system on and getting following error:

1 Systems boots up with one beep and then tells me CPU fan error and gives me 4 more beef. Then ask me if I want to bypass, press F1. Fan is working but got this everytime i power-up.

2. I connected intel 80GB SSD on SATA1 and Western digital WD1002FAEX-00Y on SATA 6GB/s port. It only find WD hard drive is SATA1. It does not see SSD. When I connect SSD on SATA1 and WD in SATA 2, it finds both drive.

3. I also connected IDE CD-ROM and IDE DVD-R/W, BIOS fould it but I do not see them on drive configuration.

Please help..............


ASUS P7P55D-E PRO mobo
Corsair 1600 RAM
ASUS 1BM Video
intel 80GB SSD
WD 1 TB SATA 6gb/s HDD
Sony DVD Writer (IDE)
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  1. Well, you have several things going on.

    If you are getting a CPU fan error but the fan is spinning, you need to check the connections. Make sure the fan is connected to the correct fan header on the board. Do not connect it directly to the PSU or to a different header on the board.

    So your SSD is not compatible with the controller on the 6GB/S port. Perhaps it can be configured differently in the BIOS. You need to understand that these ports have separate controllers.

    You need to make sure your IDE optical drives are configured correctly. They have jumpers on them, slave/master/cable select (CS). Try setting the drive at the end of the cable as master and the other as slave.
  2. Help..... Help

    System is up and running windows. When I installed winodws 7, I choose custome configuration. Now I only see drive C: which is SSD. I looked at he BIOS and I have two drives. Ist one is SSD and second one is WD 1TB drive. I cannot save anything on my second drive.

    I also doenloaded intel toolkit for SSD and it found the seconf drive but it shows no partition and no drive letter.

    Please guide me so I can get it over.

    Thank You,
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