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K.. this is my problem

I connected a TV on my comp, but i have a problem, basically the only resolution that works for my tv is 1360x768, with this resolution my whole tv monitor act as deskop. But if i try to change resolution, suddenly the deskop become a little square in middle with the rest of the monitor become black and unusable, what i can i do about it?

TV Lcd Philips 22PFL3404D/12

Computer spec: Asus EAH 5970, 6 giga ram, i7 920 cpu, Motherboard Rampage 2 Gene, OS window 7 64

For connect the tv to the video card i use a HDMI cable with a coverter on the video card slot.

thank you.
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  1. Your TV only supports up to 1360x768, it says this right on its little informational leaflet on the phillips site

    you cant set the resolution above that level, your TV does not have enough pixels to support it.
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