Looking for Good Vendor(s) for Prebuilt PC and Advice on Configuration

I bought the following ZTSystems PC as a platform for Real Flight G5 flight simulator (http://www.realflight.com/new/system-reqs.htm.) I'd like to run the program at the monitor's default resolution 1920x1200 but i can only run it at 1024x768 16bit without the image becoming choppy, stuttering. I decided to upgrade the Sapphire 5670 to Sapphire 5850 Vapor which appears to be the best bang for the buck. problem is I'll need to relocate the HDD, modify the drive cage structure and upgrade the PSU. Everything is a pain the mid tower case is designed for ATX PS/2 PSU which is 150mmx84mmx140mm.

I decided I want to buy a PC that is quiet and more suitable to running real flight G5 and some high games. I want to buy a prebuilt PC. I really don't want to build one.
Been there done that.

Any recommendations for prebuilt PC vendors?
My current PC is an Intel i7 - 870 DH55TC M/B. At some point I may want to do crossfire configuration. I'd like it to have SATAIII and USB3. I'd like to keep the cost around $1,100.00 or so minus the cost of Sapphire 5850 vapor video card. Besides crossfire configuration what do i need additional slots for? It appears most M/Bs have good onboard sound.
After I get a couple of vendors I'd like to post some configurations for comment.

What kind of windows performance numbers do i need?



ZT Sysytems 7391Mi
Intel i7 Processor 870 (2.93GHz)
Intel DH55TC motherboard
sataII 1.5TB HDD
upgraded radeon 4350 512md video card to sapphire radeon 1gb ddr5m 5670 video card

windows 7 performance Assessment
processor 7.5
memory 7.5
graphics 7.0
gaming graphics 7.0
hard disk data transfer 5.9

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  1. I'm not interested in plexiglass side cases or neon lighting or radical cases.
    I'm into function first.
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