Sd card will not register on lenovo a1 tablet

My A1-07 2G will not recognize the internal SD. I have moded and then returned to original with no luck. Is there a formatting problem? I have done what I thought would fix this, but nothing helps. Under GB 2.3.4, storage says 1.03 on internal SD and when I root with A1_Rooter, it still shows the 1.03. When I try to write with Link2SD, it says no internal SD.

Any exact procedures would be appreciated.
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  1. Some internal card readers cannot write to a memory card. Try using an external card reader which plugs into a USB port (you'll need to source a USB extension cable to convert standard USB plug on the reader to Micro-USB for the tablet).
  2. Got a version of GB that will write to the internal sd. Thanks for your help
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