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Setting up an SSD to run off a PCI SATA card as the bood device

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December 18, 2012 2:16:12 PM

I have searched the internet and found this site where there seems to be a lot of similar questions but none as direct as mine.
I have a DELL GX280 Small tower and have successfully added a 60 Gig Intel 520 SSD and used the software available at Intel to image my original drive and now use the older HHD for all my files.
My results although much better were nowhere near the capabilities of this SSD. Intel SSD toolbox is set up and I have made all the necessary changes in my Windows 7 OS and have improved my windows score from 5.4 to 6.8.
This is an older computer and my MB has 2 SATA connections, but they are only SATA 1 or as Dell says 1.5
and I do not have any AHCI setting.There is nothing in the boot order in my bios about booting from a controller card. Is there any way that I can add a PCI SATA 2
card to connect my SSD HD to?
Here is the info available at the Dell website:
Bus type
PCI 2.2
SATA 1.0a
USB 2.0
PCI Express 1.0a
Bus speed
PCI: 33 MHz
SATA: 1.5 Gbps
USB: 480 Mbps
PCI Express x1: 5 Gbps
PCI Express x16: 80 Gbps

Thanks for any help here:-)
a b G Storage
December 18, 2012 3:14:05 PM

Your PCI is 33MHZ why would you want to hang a fast SSD on that?
a c 375 G Storage
December 18, 2012 6:15:50 PM

That's an old computer. You'll never get the performance of that SSD to be 100% in that system. Also, if your bios doesn't allow you to select a card as a boot option, then you most likely can't.
a c 91 G Storage
December 18, 2012 8:00:39 PM

You wouldn't notice a huge difference even if you could use the full capabilities of that SSD (and no PCI isn't an option).

You've got Windows 7, a fast SSD (even "just" at SATA1 speeds) and if you've got enough RAM (3GB or more) your computers in great shape.

That really just leaves your CPU and graphics card but that's a different story but just forget about the SSD, it's not running at full speed but again it's not something that would be very obvious to you anyway.