Marvell 91xx Config ATA Device Issues

I am having problems with the Hard Disk Controler Marvell 91xx file/driver. When I go to Disk Management it freezes up, and I have to use the Task Manager to close Disk Manaement.

I have an ASUS P8Z77-V-Deluxe motherboard and have connected a crucial SSD and two WD blue HD's. I have gone to the ASUS site and reinstalled the Mavell drivers with no change.

Thnaks for your help....

This is what Windows 7 is saying...

Solve a problem with your hard disk controller
Your hard disk controller has stopped working properly because a compatible driver isn't available for this version of Windows.

Click to go online to the Marvell website to find out if a solution or update is available
Additional info

Which version of Windows am I using?
You're using Windows 7.
About your hard disk controller
The model name of your hard disk controller is Marvell 91xx Config ATA Device.
What is a driver?
A driver is software that allows your computer to communicate with hardware or devices. Without drivers, the hardware you connect to your computer (for example, a video card or a webcam) won't work properly
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  1. Been there done that same results........
  2. That controler may be bad.
  3. Anyway of knowing, and can I replace it?
  4. Are you now using the 3GB SATA headers? are the 6GB headers turned on in your BIOS?
  5. 3 gb SATA head for my CD/DVD and yes the 6GB are turned on.


    I think I fixed it by doing a restore back before I started to update all the software and drivers off the ASUS downloads.
    I plan on going real slow and checking eveything as I download a new driver or any change in software.

    Are there some software or drivers that I should avoid???
  6. I try and only install what i have to have. i dont test the latest free programs on this machine.
  7. Thanks again for your help, good advice I will make sure restore points are created prior to each download...
  8. Manage to update Marvell 91xx Config ATA driver on official site. If the problem persists, restore your PC to a point where the issue disappeared.
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