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GTX 460 vs gtx 260 core 216

Ok so I am looking to upgrade my current video card and had a question.

I am currently running

CPU-I7-920 not oc
Mo Bo-msi-x58 pro e
Ram-8GB Kingston hyper x DDR3 1600
Case-Thermaltake Element G
PSU-Cooler master 850w silent pro
Video Card palit gtx 260 core 216

I have been looking at the new evga gtx 460 1gb

My question is will that card be enough of a performance boost over my gtx 260 core 216 to warrant the upgrade and if not what are some recommendations.
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    Just using one or two benchmarks as an example, it's better yes but whether it's a worthy upgrade is something only you can really decide.

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  3. As an owner of Palit 260GTX (216) 896MB, I wouldn't bother! Though a diff architecture, sure, dx11 sure, but actual real world performance for a few FPS more...rather about what 10% performance more. I seriously wouldn't waste my money!
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