Need 4 Pin ATX 12v PS has 8 pin

My power supply has only the 8 pin 12 connector, and the new MB I bought takes the 4pin. I can't seem to locate and 8 to 4 adapter, but there's a ton of 4 to 8. Don't want to buy new PS, so looking for some help. Thanks in advance
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  1. what PSU do you have? are you sure the 8 pin is not a 4+4 connector that you can split?
  2. The PS is from my old dell xps 730. It's a solid 8pin. The PS is a beast so I hate to invest in another. I'd have to cut it to split. Wasn't sure if that was an option.
  3. would this not work?
  4. Bought a 8 to 2 4's splitter at Micro Center. Worked like a charm.
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