CPU-Motherboard & Graphics Card-Will they work together?

Hi, i've been looking to upgrade my PC this past while-mostly use my PC for gaming but notice it's running rather slow and choppy on new release games.

Was wondering if these components will work together if combined..I'm terrible with numbers and computers so I thought i'd post it here before buying them and noticing they are faulty together.

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Processor

ASUS P7P55D-E Intel P55 ATX Motherboard - LGA1156 Socket

(Current Motherboard is a M3A32-MVP DELUXE ASUSTeK)

Graphics Card-
SAPPHIRE ATI Radeon HD 5570 PCI-E Graphics Card - 1GB

(My current Graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 Overclocked, would there be much point upgrading my GFX card to the above, or could anyone recommend anything within the £90-£120 price range.)

Thanks in advance! :D
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  1. No.

    1. The AMD processor is socket AM3, compatible with AM3 and AM2+. That motherboard is for 1156 cpus such as the core i5

    2. The video card would be a downgrade. the GTS250 is about the same as a radeon 5750. That video card you chose isn't even aimed at gamers for the mostpart.

    I would recommend since you are unfamiliar with that, that you also tell me your current system setup. Your old RAM may not be compatible with a new system.

    But if you just want to do some quick hunting yourself:

    1. Get an AM3 motherboard and new DDR3 RAM. Do not get a motherboard labelled "AM3 compatible" or "AM3/AM2+". You want an AM3 board. Make sure it takes DDR3 memory in the specs.

    2. Get a $200 or above video card for a worthwhile upgrade. ie, GTX460 or above or a radeon 6850/5850 or above.
  2. ^whoops, missed that he stated the motherboard model.

    Yeah no need to upgrade your motherboard then. As a note also, remember that your current memory is DDR2. Keep that information for future reference when you decide to do a major system overhaul.

    Which games is a very important question as well as monitor resolution and settings.
  3. Thanks for the speedy responses. Currently my system consists of the following-

    AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+
    NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250
    M3A32-MVP DELUXE Motherboard
    2G of Ram.

    I know my ram is an immediate downfall. I was first of all going to upgrade it with more DDR2 ram. But thought there was no point if I wanted to upgrade further. I don't want to limit myself with bits and pieces that are a few years old.

    I read the above, the Motherboard was a bad idea then xD. My final flaw..is that I only use my Computer for simple games, i'm very much a WoW addict...and can feel that my current system is slopping. I only play WoW, and have done because any other game i've played skips and lags because my PC is abit out of date, and I hate playing a game with low end graphics-ruins a few key factors for me. If my system was better, I could expand my gaming choice if you catch my drift.

    Could you recommend how I could "Up" my system so it was a steady, ready for gaming rig? My budget isn't huge, which is a shame. But i've seen excellent systems being built from scrap with less than £400.

    Considering the information i've recieved, I looked towards these Motherboards-

    ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 AMD 880G ATX Motherboard - AM3 Socket - £91.99

    ASUS M4A78LT-M LE AMD 760G microATX Motherboard - AM3 Socket - £49.99

    I'm guessing the one at the higher price is alot better, but then again, i'm quite the idiot with PC's.

    Then I seen a cheaper Processor, still a Quad Core- AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Processor - £133.91.

    Any further comments? Thanks again!
  4. Am not sure if you need to upgrade your video card for WoW.. Get another 2GB ram stick and be sure that it matches with your current ram module..
  5. ct1615 said:
    i actually made a post about WoW upgrades in graphics forum, plenty of info in there for you


    if your OS is windows XP, 2GB of RAM is fine. get 4GB for vista or Win 7

    i would leave your mobo as is. get a Phenom II x 2 or II x4 CPU, whichever you can afford. see the link above for more info

    you didn't post your resolution. at 1440x900, the GTS 250 is fine, 1600x900 or higher, look for a GTX 460. once again see the link above.

    Thanks for the link, i'll start reading through it. And for the help! Think I'll leave getting a new Mobo. I currently run at 1440x900 with 8x Multisampling.
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