Win 7 and ssd partitions

I want to install Win 7 Ult. x64 on my SSD, and have everything else on my HDD's.
But I also want my SSD to be kind of clean, and not have random files everywhere so I want to partition it, and I understand how to move my program files over and such.

Now seeing how the windows would take up ~21GB upon install, I was going to create a 22GB partition before I installed it, but I also want to get rid of the hibernation mode. (I have 8GB of ram so would it take up 8GB?)

So I would like to create a partition for the windows on my ssd, but I don't think I can partition a section of the drive with windows already installed on it, can I?
Anyone know how I can go about doing this?
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  1. delete hibernation

    Open a command prompt with administrative privileges.

    Enter “powercfg.exe -h off”

    Exit the command prompt.

    this still lets you use sleep

    why put everything else on other hard drives?

    i have everything on my ssd except music-photos-and video files

    games and programs are much faster on the ssd--thats the point of getting an ssd

    to gain more space--disable system restore--if you have 4gb or more ram lower the

    page file to 512mb--so with your 8gb of ram you get another big chunk back there
  2. I have lots of games, way too much to all put on the SSD, as well as many other programs.

    But am I able to shrink a partition after i created it?
    Meaning if i install windows on a 22GB partition, then delete hibernation, can i shrink that partition with windows still on it to make more room for my games/other partition?
  3. yes you can shrink the partition and create another partition in the unallocated space
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