Need help with my Motherboard and Components!!!!.

I currently bought a ASUS M4A79XTD EVO which i thought at the time as being a reliable, good performance motherboard for the price. My Build i have atm is:

Amd Phenom x6 1055t @ stock
Asus M4A79XTD EVO Motherboard
XFX ATI HD 5850 @ stock
Western Digital 500gb Hard Drive
Corsair xms3 4gb @ 1600mhz
BFG 1000w Power Supply
Antec 902 Case

The performance to me seems like its lacking. When i play games like GTA 4 or even WoW (I know I have no life), but I'm only able to put settings at a lower setting rather than being close to max. My card is a non reference Xfx HD 5850, not able to overclock much at all or it will crash. My buddy told me though that i need a high quality motherboard like the ASUS Crosshair IV Formula to have the most performace out of all my components. Is that entirely true? Plus I have heard about my processor not being as good. Im hoping here soon to get a H50 and overclock it to 4ghz. I just want to know whats the problem.
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    I would say your cpu is overkill for your mobo a Rana or 955 would've been a better match and perform well when gaming.
    The 1055t is not widely regarded for gaming purposes.
  2. Yes i heard that too lol but i think ill buy a 955 and just sell my 1055t. But would you think that be the reason my not getting a performance im suppose to? Does my motherboard of anything to do with my graphic card performance? Im able to run like BFBC2 max but not anything else =(
  3. Do your frame rates drop when you turn up the detail levels? Your 5850 shouldnt have a problem powering through WOW on pretty high settings. Get Furmark and run its built in timed benchmark and see if you score near any other 5850s, your card might be bad or it might be something else in the system causing under performance. If your CPU is your bottleneck you can get an aftermarket cooler and OC it a bit, if you get it up to 3.4GHz it should perform equal to a 965 at stock.
  4. My score on it was 6467 with no AA at 1600x900 on my 5850. Like Davcon said, it might be just my cpu rather than my graphics, i think my graphics card runs fine, it never runs hot but hopefully its just my cpu. I appreciate your quick responses.
  5. Thats about double what my 4850 puts out at those settings so its in the right ballpark and there probably isnt anything horribly wrong with the card.

    Find out what your average FPS is in WOW using FRAPs with settings on low, and with settings on medium, leave particle effects and view distance as lower settings to reduce CPU load, and try to do it in an empty area to stay consistent. See if there is a large drop between the two, if there is its GPU based, if not OCing your CPU will probably resolve the issue.
  6. Ok, on low settings on getting about 230 fps and on fair with distance on lowest and particle unchecked, about 210 fps outside of IF. its not really a large amount of difference. But i dont know how to OC at all but when i hopefully learn ill see if there is an increase much at all.
  7. Was there supposed to be a decimal point in there somewhere?
  8. i dont think so?
  9. You said on WOW you have to put settings low and cant max them out but when outside of populated areas you get two hundred and ten frames per second when on medium settings? If this is correct, crank those graphics settings up, you are being limited by the fact that WOW only seems to use two cores and populated regions put a heavy load on the CPU.
  10. Well when im in heavily populated cities such as Dalaran or IF, i only get 25 fps on ultra with particle effects unchecked. Thats a hugh difference.
  11. The added population loads down your CPU not your GPU, if you are in a populated area you will likely be able to max out graphics settings without taking a performance hit of more than 2 FPS.
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