Question on my diagnosis...

well my new build is

i5 750
4gb g.skill tident 1600
gtx 460 1gb gigabyte
msi p55 gd 65

1 month worked fine then boom BSOD like crazy then after a chkdsk windows boots up with configuration data corrupted and window 7 wont load. this was after 1 week a fresh windows install

im thinking its either the software fucked up or hardrive or memory, but memory tests have 100% passed. so i wanna test the hardrive.

quick question

can my old rig hardrive also running window 7 just put into my new system and ill do the usual stuff to see if it BSOD? so i can diagnose further?

my old rig ran window7 as well and that rig was like unstoppable! besides the mobo and graphic card blowing up but thats normal over 5 years of being overworked
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  1. Short answer - No

    Your old HDD with Win 7 Will try to load all of the Drivers based on your OLD MD, ie chipset and audio. You could (1) do a win 7 back up on your old system. Move the old drive over and reinstall windows. When done testing on new system, move it back to your old system and do a restor from back-up.

    (1) what program did you use to test your RAM. I prefer Prime 95.
    (2) Have you monitored your PSU voltages and Temps while the system is loaded. I use CPUID HWMonitor. Monitor the voltages and temps while running Prime 95. Can also run Furmark in a window to load system while monitoring voltages and temps. Note the Min Values for the +12V and the +5V.
  2. well so far ive used my old hardrive with an OLD w7 OS and ive updated all the drivers and so far no BSOD doing the same games at same settings and using same programs, i put my new HDD to my old computer, clean install and maybe let it run *** to stress it to BSOD, so far everything installed ok, and im currently stressing my new system with my old hardrive and OS.

    and RetiredChiefi I used memtest something and no i didnt monitor voltages. Sorry not a super CPU doctor, i just no how to build a basic system and install ***
  3. Sorry, should have said "Prabably not, but may based on the diff between HDD controller (drivers). And if you can get to the point of Loading the correct drivers (ie deletting drivers from safe mode and then when Win 7 reboots let it reload drivers.

    On memtest, was probably memtest 86+. I always use this to test my memory from a bootable disk on a new /modified build before loading a Operating system. However, once I have the operating system installed I switch to Prime 95 which I find (1) locates memory errors faster and 2) sometimes finds errors memtest does not find.

    Glad you made out OK, your BSODs may have been caused by a driver conflict, or a bad file. Would still be a good idea to monitor temps and voltages during your stress testing just to make sure they are good. In particular the +12 V should not drop below 11.6 V (spec is 11.4 V), the +5 V must not go below 4.75V, and your CPU temp should be =< 62 C (Can be sligthly higher, personally I limit my max Core temps to 60 C when running Furmark)
  4. hmm using old hardrive, and same symptoms start arising and BSOD,

    so definately not hardrive problem, maybe ram or sata connection problem
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