alright. my computer got completely and totally destroyed.. epic virus from hell. lol

I just need to know what the best computer i could get that played WoW. thats all i need it to do. lol. I don't have 10,000 for a computer. just an average one would work.
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  1. So, why don't you just reformat/reload your current PC?

    You are asking for advice on buying a new system. What is your budget? Do you want to buy a complete system or build one yourself?

    Please clarify...Good luck!
  2. Buy these parts listed in the System Marathon Builder's $400 Gaming PC. Start with the CPU here.

    If you are so inclined and want to save a few dollars or get upgraded parts, look for combos and promo codes. Another shopping hint: sign up for the email from Newegg and watch their sales or look for discounts at SlickDeals.

    If you start making substitutions and have questions, post the modified configuration back here to get feedback.

    Good luck.
  3. My budget is 400. it should be enough for a computer that could play the only game i want it to. and i'm looking to just buy one.
  4. Oh, I am confused - maybe you posted to the Homebuilt forum by mistake then? Sorry, don't know a lot about buying pre-builts.
  5. You may want to check local stores first. Try to find something on sale. That way you don't have to pay shipping costs.
  6. What is the nature of the problem you had with your old computer? If it really is just a virus a clean reinstallation of windows will get rid of it.

    If you still want to build a computer, you should still be able to salvage several parts from your old one. DVD-RW, Hard drive, add-in sound and networking cards, power supply and maybe even your case might be perfectly fine if they aren't too old.

    With $400 you can get a respectable CPU/Mobo/RAM combo and a graphics card. If you have to stretch your budget to build something from scratch it will be difficult.
  7. Sorry jsphidickens, OP just wants to buy a prebuilt, and he posted in the hombuilt by mistake.
  8. eloric said:
    Sorry jsphidickens, OP just wants to buy a prebuilt, and he posted in the hombuilt by mistake.

    This section is for homebuilds and prebuilt PCs. Look at the subsections.
  9. Maybe you can clear this up. At the top of this thread, in the title it says "Forum Systems : Homebuilt - NEED HELP!!! ". Doesn't that indicate the specific sub-category selected?
  10. Yes, it was put in the wrong subsection.
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