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Sorry im new the the aftermarket cooling solutions for video cards and was jsut wondering, What is the better cooling solution for the gtx 470 between the Thermal Right spitFire with a fan mounted, A Zalman Amp, or A gelid Icy Vision?
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  1. From what iv' read the Zalman Amp is about the best you can do for air cooling. But as far i I know it's not something you can buy separate, you have to purchase the Zalman GTX 470 Amp Edition to get it.
  2. oh i see =/ , so i guess its a battle between the spitfire and the icy vision than xD thanks (:
  3. An aftermarket solution is going on sale, it is compatible with both 470/480 cards. It's from GELID Solutions...
  4. I ordered a Icy Vision myself, overall reviews look great.
  5. Zalman is releaseing the after market cooler the VF3000F will be out shorly as well as Arctic with the accerlero. i contacted both companies
  6. My bad it was the Zotac i was referring to. Zotac Amp Edition GTX 470/480.
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