Mix ram brands 3x2?

After completing ym build and trying out some games i found that many of them were crashing quite frequently. Finally, i discovered the reason was that one of my ram sticks was faulty was not able to load/create data. As such i will have to send the Stick back to pny and get a new one which will hopefully work. but i have a few question.

I do not have the original upc barcode from the packaging at the moment as i sent it off for my MIR, will this come back with the rebate check? Im assuming ill need it for my return.

Also Im looking at adding another 4gb of ram to my system, i currently have 2x2 gb pny xlr8 1600 1.65v (-2gb for now of course). Will there be problems if i try and install 4gb of another ram type?


1x pny 1600 1.65
2x g-skill 1600 1.65
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  1. No, the UPC will not be returned with your rebate. Most memory manufactures only require the faulty module though. I've RMA'd many brands and never send more than the models and sometimes, the plastic packaging they game in minus ALL of the paperwork)

    Also, I don't mix-match memory brands in machines I want performance out of. Sometimes you can get buy with sticking in mis-match modules to get through a rough period but, I don't use mis-match modules for anything I want reliability or performance from. That's just my preference though, it should work fine, just not optimal. It will likely be better for a short time than severely decreasing your memory amount though. And since they are the same speed and voltage you should be good. Be sure to set timings to the slowest speeds though, otherwise you may have issues.

    Hope it helps!
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