I Think my HDD is bad- blue screens when i play games

WD Caviar green 750GB

When i play crysis 2 i will blue screen after a couple of minutes.. happens in other games too

ive tried reinstalling them and it does nothing need help wondering how i can tell if my hdd is bad

specs: - AMD FX 4100 Black Edition
- PNY GTX 460 XLR8 Superclocked Edition
- ASRock 970 Extreme4 Motherboard
- 680w PSU
- 4 Gigabytes RAM
- 750w WD Caviar Green HDD
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  1. make sure your mb has the newest bios and check that your ram with cpu-z running at the correct speed and timing. most time with game crashes is the gpu or power supply cant take the load. for the gpu i would download msi afterburner and the newest nvidia drivers. with msi make sure the gpu fan spins up to max speed at 50-60 temps. in the game itself..try turning down the eye candy. for the power supply run hardware monitor and watch the 12v line..if it dips to low your system going to lock up.
  2. If your hdd was bad, you would most likely see it in every application, not just games. I suspect either heat, drivers, video card, PSU, or maybe memory. The easiest things to do is check youe temps, and make sure the drivers are up to date. What kind if error codes do you get?
  3. it goes too fast and i cant see what exactly the code on the blue screen is, but i know it isnt the graphics card, motherboard, or cpu. because i recently replaced those. so im suspecting ether power supply ram or hard drive. but since it dosnt crash in other apps it is probably the memory
  4. You can test the drive by running AMD RaidXpert in the background.
    Once you log in (admin/admin) expand "Physcial Drives" on the left side and click the drive you want to test and then on the "Media Partol" tab and lastly on the "Start Now" button.

    This will scan the surface of your harddrive for errors and mark them as bad so the OS wont try to use them. I would run this test several times. It runs slow and in the background, just check on it every few days. You can even shut down normally and it will continue from where it left off.


    I've got a 1tb samsung f3 going bad on me (13 bad secotrs so far) and they can indeed cause you to bluescreen.
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