Voltage question on an OC'd x4 970

Hey guys I picked up a phenom x4 970 a while ago, and I got it running perfectly stable at 3852 mhz with a 19x multiplier and a ref clock of 203 - (from 200) and a current voltage of 1.45.

I've read a few threads and watched some videos and noticed when they recommended setting the cpu to 4.1 ghz+ they recommended to set the voltage to at least 1.45.

Well at the moment I am running 1.45 at 3852.. could I bring the voltage down to 1.4 and decrease my temperature a little bit? What are the risks of running too low of a voltage with a higher clock rating?

Can I damage my pc from too low of a voltage?

I want to do this to reduce my temps slightly and lower a bit of power consumption cause if guides for a 4.2 ghz over-clock recommended a 1.45 voltage, then possibly 1.4 or lower would be suited for 3852?
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  1. If your temps and overclock passes a stress test program, I would leave the voltage setting alone. Your temps can range from 40-70c max without any problems. The Intel i7's can run warmer. Mine got up to 90c sometimes but the system didn't crash. If you try lowering the voltage and get error messages, then you'll know why.
  2. Every single chip is different, though they don't vary much, different chips will run at specific clock speeds with different voltages.

    You don't damage your processor by having too low of a voltage, only thing that could happen is your system becomes unstable. Your suppose to stress test your system any way and should always try to get the lowest stable voltage on an overclock.

    So drop it, run Prime95 for a few hours ,if it's stable, drop the voltage some more and repeat. I've seen claims of 3.8Ghz at 1.3V before, whether your chip can do that or not I don't know.
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