Performance increase with upgrade to 8GB ram from 3

Will increasing my RAM from 3GB to 8GB have a significant performance increase on a Dell Inspiron 1370 with Intel Core2Duo CPU U7300 @ 1.3GHz
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  1. No. Open the case and see if you have room to install another hard drive. If you do, spend the money on a solid state drive.
  2. Agreed, it's highly unlikely that you're going to see a significant improvement going from 3 GB RAM to 8 GB. Especially if you're running a 32-bit OS, which can only address a max of about 3.5 GB.

    What are you specifically having problems with that you want to speed up?

    An SSD is a good upgrade for general responsiveness, and the computer will seem faster in day-to-day activities, but it won't make big Excel number crunching go much faster or significantly affect heavy Photoshop use.
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