HDD problem?

Hi so I've built a new computer a few months back but I had decided to keep the same HDD (about 6 years old, maybe more) because I didn't really need more than what I had, but recently I've had some issues where when I start up my PC I'll see my bios screen like usually and then I'll see the mouse loading icon for a second or two and then there's a black screen. I can also hear the windows screen sound(don't really know what it's called) two seconds after. So everytime I'm forced into shutting down my Pc using the button(which I'd rather not do) And it just seems like everytime I have to shut it down before it boots properly. Could this be because my HDD is dying/too old? Also, if I keep my Pc up for a while without using it, when I come back it'll show my session and after 2 seconds it'll black screen and I'll have the same problem as described above.

Intel i5
mobo: gigabyte b75m-d3h
8gb of ram
old ass hdd(not sure what the actual name is but it came with an HP pavilion around 6 years ago)
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  1. It could be the HDD, because it is very old indeed -- usually it is at this age they die :(
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