Should i get this PSU?

hi, i live in South Africa so first off computer components are much more expensive here, so i was looking at PSUs when i came across an ad a guy was selling his ezcool 950 watt PSU for 600 rand (its 2nd hand) now his reason for selling is that he is getting a tri SLI gtx 480 build (he is hes not lying i saw some of the parts) now for that price i would be looking at a brand new 585 watt gigabyte odin (which is sad) so the PSU is extremely cheap i just want to know if ezcool is a decent enough make? the PSU wont be put into too much stress the most it will handle is 2x hd 6950s or 2x hd 6870s (depends how much the 6950s cost when they come out) and an i7 2600 cpu, so what do you guys think should i go for it? and dont tell me to go buy a corsair, antec or seasonic one brand new as they are extremely overpriced in my country its R1000 for a 620 watt seasonic PSU, so what are your thought?
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  1. I wouldn't make a move on the PSU - until you've seen it running in front of the the letting it off.

    read this -

    don't you have any other options than the ezcool?
  2. well only the gigabyte odin 720 watt which is more expensive or a seasonic 620 watt which is more expensive, il link some websites maybe you could choose a PSU for me? something under R1000

    and maybe price check might help

    thank you :)
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    lets be honest - I'm sure the power req's are low for the sysytem your looking to build, but I'd ask you to up your budget and get a PSU within 750W or 850W which has a 80+ silver/bronze/gold certification. i posted some links...hope they help.

    Reasons for looking at 80+ certified PSU :

    GOLD>SILVER>BRONZE=90%>85%>80% efficiency. The higher the efficiency the lower the power bills will be when you run your machine even at lower load specs. Better headroom when you look towards overclocking your PC. From the parts your going to use,they'll all be high end, getting a good PSU is a first priority as a bad PSU can take out EVERYTHING ITS connected to...I mean everything. BOOM! :P

    so a cheap PSU will also mean a pricey REBUILD cost. Thas why i urged you not take the other guys PSU :)
  4. that other guys PSU is 80+ certified bronze, i only have 1000 rand to spend on a PSU i cant spend any more
  5. what about this?

    i can also afford a gigabyte odin 720 watt as i have access to a wholesaler they have it for 910 rand including VAT and they have an A open 750 watt for 968 rand including VAT, what do you think of those 2? the A open one is modular
  6. in reality Gigabyte have been in the PSU market for some time...but not long enough to win peoples hearts. It not just the wattage we're looking at here...its the 80+ rating, the +12V and independent rails, the cable quality and the capacitors they use in the units. the same can be said for AOpen.

    the most it will handle is 2x hd 6950s or 2x hd 6870s
    that will give the most stress to the PSU

    Trust me, You should invest a lil more than that. The other guys PSU maybe faulty, thas why he's leaving it - cos as far as i know EZcool are prone to blow up or show hardware malfunctions. That guy probably realized sooner than later and hopes to find a scapegoat.

    Look for a 750W with 80plus rating (no problem if its not gold, silver or bronze)

    Your spending 1000 rand for a PC your going to build or you plan on keeping some stuff like HDD,PSU,Case,ODD and keyboard mouse for the new sandy bridge ram,mobo,cpu combo?

    then I'd still ask for a lil more cash R2000 is ideal (as far as i've searched and found)...cos all that new hardware you'll buy will go up in smoke i.e: 20000rand KABOOM cos of a 1000rand PSU.

    BTW the CM xtreme aint good, all the guys here at the forum advise people to stay away from it...

    its your call - your money and your parts to cook -

    or this
  7. 2000 rand in PC terms is over $200 in South Africa (as our computer components are overpriced, we usually pay !0 rand per $ when it comes to PC components), just one thing, most of my friends have been building computers through the years and their PSUs have never died on them, eg my brother built a PC about 7 years ago with a pentium 4 3ghz and a 6800gt, he had an Aopen PSU and the pc is still running, he bought another pc about a year ago with a gigabyte odin, so did two of my friends, no one that i know of has had their PSU blow on them, thats why it came such a shock to me that PSUs were so important according to THG and PSU brands, im not willing to pay $200 on a PSU, i read a review and ive heard Aopen PSUs arent bad, and this one is 750 watt and its even modular
  8. $200 isn't too high my friend - especially if your looking at what your buying.

    This PSU is exactly the one I'd seen on landmark - (though its missing one +12V rail) the one i linked before is dual +12V rails.

    Don't forget that there's a shipping charge when your going to get these products from outside, this charge is evenly distributed among the number of units you have in stock...this in turn translates to a lil higher price to customers.

    FYI - I had a PSU blow out on me and it took out all my stuff (An ati 9550 GPU, Creative Audigy 2 ZS platinum soundcard, P4 2.83GHz CPU,and 200GB seagate HDD that i got on special order from their site, even my ODD's) The rig cost me over $900 and a cheap PSU blew it up, now the times have changed ... its not just wattage of a PSU, its what goes in it during manufacturing , and unless your willing to read a 14 page article to understand what a REAL PSU should look like and what features to look for while getting one...then take my advice and stick with the Corsair AX750W. It'll be an investment you'll wish you made another of.

    Read this - and weigh the benefits

    dont tell me to go buy a corsair, antec or seasonic one brand new as they are extremely overpriced in my country its R1000 for a 620 watt seasonic PSU, so what are your thought?

    thas like telling us to dodge a bullet with our eyes closed without a bullet proof jacket
  9. I had that Aopen PSU a few years ago, its still running fine,
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