Upload speed gone after adding second router...

So I am trying to expand my network through the use of a second router but I am having an interesting problem... I cannot get any sort of upload speed off the second router. The download speed is fine it is just the upload. Here is my config...

I had a DLink DIR-615 as my primary router off my cable modem. My reception in the basement was poor and that is where my main comp, ps3, wii, xbox etc were so I needed a fix. I instead switched my Dlink router with my G Linksys next to the modem then ran a cat-6 cable to the basement where my Dlink is now located and is split between my desktop and game system. Also set it up to work wirelessly with my laptop. I wired the cable modem to the internet port on the linksys, then from port 1 to internet on the dlink.

When it was only my dlink router the upload speeds were fine, when I connect to the linksys router now the uploads are fine. It is only when I use the dlink (wired or wirelessly) that my uploads go from approx 3-5mbps to 20-50kbps. Anyone know why this is?
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  1. Did your turn off DHCP on the second router? Are you keeping everything on one network?
  2. DHCP is turned off.. I am having a hard time trying to figure out exactly what IP settings I need on the second router. I am not very network savy. I am not sure what you mean by keeping it on the same network. My upstairs and downstairs wlan have different names but I thought that was ok.
  3. Does every computer have an IP in the same subnet - IE 192.168.0.xxx or 192.168.1.xxx
    You might try plugging the cable from the first router into a normal switch port on the second router instead of the wan port. Try that and see how it works.
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