The Best All-in-One touchscreen PC

Just wondered what, in people's opinions, was the "best" all in one touchscreen available at the moment?
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  1. See for your self:

    Personally (ive checked them all out at local retailers) i like the hp the best as well. Its pretty slick in all areas... (there are other hp models with better specs).
  2. cheers, are the sony vaio ones any good? i too like the HP ones when i used them!
  3. I personally, just don't like their style (i feel like they try to be too unique or edgy - but it doesnt help with the way it looks any...). I also would go with hardware more suited to gaming... but thats because im a gamer - and i think that hp also has the edge here when you customize one of em on their site. You should try customizing one on each site and compare what you can get for what price, ya know?
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