Help on choosing

hi :o

im debating whether to get either

palit 470 (dual fan) £255


(Galaxy) KFA2 470 OC model £301

please help me decide lol

im using for gpu rendering

overclocking is a factor

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  1. The Galaxy KFA2 GeForce GTX 470 does have slightly better cooling ability than Palit's dual fan, although in the Guru3D reviews, the Palit overclocked around 10 MHz more or so.

    I'd go with the Palit to save some money seeing as they perform quite similarly in terms of cooling, and should overclock similarly too.
  2. thanks man !

    the palit also goes with the colour scheme i got going !


    wil lbe able to get more ram with the saved pennies
  3. You're welcome. :)
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